Seller Policy

How do I sign up to sell on Paikary?

Just go to Sell on Paikary & give your desire information. that's it! "Click Register your shop" & you are almost done.

How long does it take to approve a seller's application?

  • Your application will be reviewed, verified, and approved within 24 hours once you have signed up and completed the to-do list. You will receive emails at each step.
  • The sooner we have your correct details, the sooner we can verify them to take you one step closer to selling on Paikary!

How to upload a product on Paikary?

Step 1: Go to the Products tab and click on ‘Add New Product’

Step 2: Fill in the Product Name, Category, Brand, Unit, Minimum Qty, Tags (tags for better SEO)

Step 3: Select if the product is refundable or not.

Step 4: Upload product image, try to upload clear & white background image. A thumbnails image is must needed. 

Step 5: You can add product video also, just select your video provider & paste the video link.

Step 6: Give product price, discount, quantity & Add variations. if your product has no size or type; just skip the variation tab.

Step 6: give a proper product description, Stock visibility state, Cash on delivery allowed or not, cashback, shipping time & You are done!

Step 6: Just Click Save & Publish. Boom! your product is uploaded.

What are the best practices of Store Layout & Branding?

Please ensure the following measures are taken to build and maintain your store quality: For better Store layout and branding, including a clear a Unique Selling Point (USP) message, ensuring banner availability For better Product/Content quality, you should focus on high-quality images and content with the right dimensions, having images with a white background For better App experience, ensure that your store is decorative in order to attract customers. The following are common practices of Store Layout & Branding that lead to an attractive store: Having banners on the store gives a better look of your shop to the customers Avoid heavy text in banners.

Why does Failed Delivery Occur and how will I be notified about it?

Failed delivery may occur due to any of the following reasons: Courier (3PL) issues Unreachable customer - E.g: incomplete address, unreachable contact number Item damaged by the courier Item lost by courier System issue The delivery time took too long.

What will happen if I cancel my orders due to any reason?
Paikary monitors cancellations very closely as it has a negative impact on customer satisfaction. If your cancellation rate exceeds 2% during a given week, your shop will be taken offline and the shop will then only be reactivated after taking operational excellence training and following Paikary operation standards.
What happens when one of my products goes out of stock?
The Paikary will automatically deactivate a product when it is out of stock. As a seller, you need to regularly update your product stock level to prevent customer dissatisfaction. Plan ahead to replenish your products when the stock level is running low to minimize potential sales loss.
How will I be notified when I receive an order?
When a new order is received, you will be notified through An email at your registered email address. An app notification on your Paikary Seller mobile app.

What are different order statuses and what do they mean?

Pending: New orders in the system which need to be confirmed.

Confirmed: After confirming, your package needs to be ready for shipping.

On Delivery: It means, you handed over the product to the courier service & the product is on the way.

Delivered: The parcel is successfully delivered to the customer.

Canceled: Customer requests for cancellation, the item is out of stock, or sourcing delay (seller fails to ship out parcels within a timely manner.

What are the benefits of Product Bundling?
Gives you a chance to differentiate your deals from competitors, especially in high-priced competitive categories. Gives you a chance to sell lower-priced items at a discount as part of a bundle. Gives you an opportunity to clear out the inventory of the selected products of your choice. Gives you an opportunity to drive a better overall customer experience.
How to give cashback to the products?
You can give a specific amount of cashback to the product. when you upload a product, you can see an option named "cashback offer". Just click it & give the specific amount of cashback, that you want to give. Remember; You need to bear 60% of your given cashback balance. eg: if you give 10% cashback of the 100 taka price product, 6 taka will be deducted from your product earnings. & Paikary will bear 4 taka.
How to add products to flash deal & campaign?
To add a product to the flash deal or campaign, sellers should inform seller support via a support ticket with the specific campaign name and his Paikary Shop name with the product list also.
How to remove products from a campaign?
To remove the product from a campaign, sellers should inform seller support via a support ticket with the specific campaign name and his Paikary Shop name with the product list also.
What do I do when an item is returned?
Upon a customer's decision to return a product, you will see a refund request send from the customer. After verifying a refund request from a customer's end as valid, then approve the refund & you are done. the further process is taken by Paikary.
How can a seller get his returned product?
After verifying a return request from a customer's end as valid, the returned item/items status will change & it will be reshipped to the seller as per the status update. Failed delivery packages will also return to the convenient seller according to the updated status as well. Now, the seller will get his/her products back within 7 working days from the updated status. And if he didn't get his return within the timeline, the seller has to submit the claim form.
What are the Chat Policies?
Sellers are not allowed to redirect buyers to purchase from other websites out of Paikary.
Sellers are not allowed to induce buyers to conduct offline transactions.
Sellers are not allowed to send spam messages (a message that the recipient did not request for) to Paikary buyers via any communication space within or out of the Paikary platform.
Please refrain from using threatening language, profanities, or hate speech in your communications with the buyer.
Please do not exchange personal contact numbers, email addresses, or web addresses(any external link) with the buyer.
All sellers are required to respond to buyers within the agreed time frame as part of all seller's commitment to being trustworthy and reliable.
The standard reply to a customer query will be within 1 working hour.
**Please note that the Paikary team always monitoring your messages. so don't break the rules, otherwise, your shop will be banned & you can't withdraw your account balance**
What is the commission rate of Paikary?
Sellers can visit the Marketplace Commission Structure page to know detail about the commission.
How do I get paid?
If you have enough balance to withdraw, you are always welcome to create a withdrawal request. Your payment will be issued via bank transfer into your bank account as mentioned on your Seller Account. You can view your account details in the Seller dashboard by clicking on the Payment details tab.